Wedding Website

Wedding Website

You probably have come across countless wedding website platforms, only to find almost none can give you the easiest time to get what you want.

Heads up and look no further than Weddinglah— the first-of-its-kind digital wedding planner platform in Malaysia. Its website feature not only helps you to set up your own website in a snap, but also gives you just enough flexibility to build a personable, visual wedding site.

A Custom URL

Already have a name in mind for your surreal wedding? Apply it to the URL name of your website to set the tone for a celebration that your guests won’t want to miss.

Vibrant, Customizable Templates

The moment you sign up as member and choose your wedding style, our platform presents you with the best template matching your taste. Having said that, if you want to explore more choices, by all means cruise through the collection of our popular templates that ranges from multiracial to western themes. Plenty of new templates are constantly added to our template library, and none of them is cookie cutter template. Better still, no fancy coding or design skills required, we promise.

Control Over Who Sees What

You have the final say in controlling over the privacy of your wedding website, or parts of it. You can easily set up a passcode so that only your chosen personnel get to access it. In case if you would like to change your mind, you can also change the privacy setting with a flick of finger.

Narration of Love

The best wedding website comes with beautiful narration of romance. Take some time to recall memorable moments, and let them flourish vividly in every line of your description. Create a photo album and share your love milestones chronicling your lives together. Your guests just couldn’t wait to know!

Sharing of Blessings, E-invitation Card & RSVP

Forget about the endless trips of sending invitation cards personally. Sit back and accept RSVP responses directly from your guests with ease. Besides, they get to post their blessing messages to your website— and of course you can moderate them and choose which to be shown. Don’t forget to impress your guests with your masterpiece E-invitation card.

Easily Sharable Website

Looking for a shortcut to spread your good news? Let Weddinglah take care of the matter on behalf you. With just a click, you can easily share your website URL to your social media (Facebook).

Other Features

You will be amaze that these friendly productivity tools can help plan your wedding fluently.

Budget Management

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Guest Management & Reception

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Wedding Website

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e-Invitation Card

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Wishes & Blessing

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