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Wedding Planning Platform

A wedding planning platform you and your life partner need to make your dream wedding a reality. It provides couples with a hassle-free alternative to plan and manage their weddings. Which means, more time for them to think of how to make their weddings great!

Unique D.I.Y Wedding Website

Our wedding templates feature a wide selection of designs, reflecting Malaysia’s very own unique, diverse cultures. Choose the right one to make a website truly yours.

With our user-friendly productivity tools, wedding couples can stay organised and efficient in doing their wedding planning.


Kick-start your wedding planning by setting up your wedding budget and wedding checklist, so as to keep track of your expenses and to-do list.


Design and share your beautifully captured pre-wedding photos. You can share with guests on your love milestones leading up to the big day with our DIY wedding website tool.


Use a fuss-free, effective digital way to reach out to your family and friends. They get to make RSVP in real-time, and you can receive their sincerest blessing messages too!

An avenue to showcase your
wedding information online easily.

Share your wedding joy with your invitees by showcasing your pre-wedding photos, love stories, and major milestones leading up to your big day. What’s best, you are a few clicks away from all these!

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